Sunday, March 1, 2009

cleaning house

In the words of Robert:

College Photographer of the Year
Second Place : Katie Rausch, Michigan State University
Honorable Mention : Nick Dentamaro, Michigan State University

In the following categories State Newsers competed against professional as well as students and claimed the following awards:

Honorable Mention : Nichole Hoerner, The State News, ?Election Shock?

General News
Second Place : Nick Dentamaro, Jackson Citizen Patriot, ?Choir?
Honorable Mention : Katie Rausch, Flint Journal, ?Good Friday?
Honorable Mention : Katie Rausch, Flint Journal, ?Prayer for Flint?

Sports Feature
Honorable Mention : Sam Ruiz, Jackson Citizen Patriot, ?Defeated Warriors?

Feature Picture Story
First Place : Jeana-Dee Allen, The Flint Journal, ?Brothers and Sisters?

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Khalid said...

omg omg congratulations!!!