Thursday, September 3, 2009

Vacation Time

So I took a three day vacation with my dad before I started work in Jackson. It was supposed to be this overnight canoe trip in the Grailing area but then the weather shit all over those plans. So we ended up in Munising, White Fish Point and Tahquamenon Falls. All of which was very cool. I had my pack full of wilderness shit, food, mess kits, sleeping bags, tents etc. So of course we stayed in a hotel, ate at restaurants and drove around a ton. Still, I had a great time and enjoyed very much documenting this, particularly the boat tour we took of the Pictured Rocks that turned into the voyage from hell. The swells were about 8 feet high and all the kids on the boat were puking all over the place. Ah, the stuff of memories. Thanks for looking.

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J. Chiou said...

you two have the same skin.