Sunday, November 22, 2009

Farm Fresh Eggs

Barth Schutter makes his egg gathering rounds Monday morning after feeding his 300 chickens at his home just outside Jackson. Schutter and his wife, Linda, (not pictured) have been raising chickens and selling their eggs in a stand by their driveway for about seven years now. While they do have about 30 acres of land and several cows, the Schutters don't farm full time. They did, however, want fresh eggs every day. After buying their first round of chickens, Linda said they decided to start to sell the eggs. "These are so good we need to share them." Despite the fact it costs about $150 more a month to keep the chickens than they make off their eggs, the Schutters don't see divesting themselves of their birds any time in the near future. "We do it 'cause it's fun." Barth Schutter said.

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