Friday, December 30, 2011

Last Day with the Cit Pat

So it's my last day as a staff photojournalist with the Jackson Citizen Patriot.

I'll be updating my website soon, which is like posting a "best of" edit. So in lieu of that, I decided to feature one of my last assignments with the paper.

I spent a few hours with a father/son duo while they did their chores on the family farm. New updates to child labor laws would make it difficult for children like Jeremy, who is 14, to work on his family's farm. The legislation would place restrictions on the ability of anyone under 16 to work with livestock, pesticides and machinery. Additionally, children would be unable to work on a farm unless their parents were its sole owner, so farms co-owned by extended family are out.

I guess in my own, somewhat melodramatic, way I felt like this assignment was pretty on par with my time in journalism. It's a profession I've loved dearly since high school and I've thoroughly enjoyed my time here. I'm not sure what or where I'm headed to next but I'm trying to be excited for a new chapter in my life.

And, of course, I'm always available for freelance.

Thanks for looking.

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