Wednesday, March 5, 2008

a bright spot during chemotherapy

Yesterday my only assignment was to check out a local oncology center's $15 million update and illustrate that. Usually these things are PR extravaganzas, but yesterday the very nice PR lady left me in the chemotherapy room with a stack of consent forms. It turned out to be a really amazing and inspirational day.

'Yes, it's the last one!' Arndralla Abu Aita (cq) cheers as an empty bag of medicine is switched out after nearly four hours of chemotherapy Tuesday at the McLaren Great Lakes Cancer Institute in Flint Township. The center recently underwent a $15 million renovation that enlarged and updated their facilities to accommodate an increasing number of patients. Another chemotherapy patient, Peggy Brack, of Flint Township, (cq) (not pictured) said the institute's new addition and features were a much needed improvement from the first time she underwent treatment there. 'It's wonderful.' She said. 'We used to be sitting in hallways and spare rooms. This is much calmer and a lot more comfortable.'

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