Friday, March 7, 2008

save the cat

This is a bit of spot news. A call came over the scanner that a roof had blown off a trailer, which was odd because it wasn't a windy day. After I got to the park, we found out there had been a gas explosion in the furnace area. The owner of the trailer was rushed to the hospital before we arrived, but a group of neighbors were huddled near one of the engines shouting for the firemen to look for the man's cat.

After a great deal of shouting on the part of the neighbors, the firemen found the cat beneath a bed, unharmed. The concerned neighbors rushed to comfort it. It was just a really quirky situation. I'm not sure I nailed it, but I love the photo just for the story behind it.

'We saved the cat,' joked Acting Flint Township Fire Chief Mark Powley.(not pictured) 'We must be heroes.' Mike Hudson, of Flint Township, (left) and another neighbor comfort a cat rescued from a trailer that the fire department believes caught fire after a gas explosion Thursday in Flint Township. The cat's owner was hospitalized for unknown injuries, and Hudson said he'd look after the cat for the time being.

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Marcus said...

I'm no doctor, but I have the sneaking suspicion those "unknown injuries" may be the result of a gas explosion.