Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tax Foreclosure, Part I

This is the first part of an ongoing project I'm working on here at the Citizen Patriot. I'd wanted to do a project on the impact of foreclosure in our community for a while, but this March Holly Klaft approached me about doing a ride along with our county treasurer while she checked on properties acquired because of tax foreclosure.

Once we realized the instance of tax foreclosure was growing rapidly in our community and that few, if any, avenues of help were available to help those in need, we decided to expand the story into a project. Well, the first two stories ran Sunday and Monday. The links to the written stories are:


There's also a video and a gallery of images, though I'll be posting a tighter edit here.

These images are from the house visits I did with Karen, our county treasurer. She tries to get around to each of the houses, particularly if there might still be people living in them.

Thanks for looking.

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