Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tax Foreclosure, Part II

Introducing Pat and Reuel. The husband/wife duo are the county's eyes, ears and hands when it comes to managing the tax foreclosed properties.

Their company secures the properties after the county takes possession of them. They do regular checks to ensure they're secure, in addition to all the maintenance (like lawn mowing.) Pat tours each one, making assessments and then recommendations to the county about what condition the property is in, as well as what is fit to feature for open house. On the years when the county hosts open houses, they fix up the interiors for show.

Pat and Reuel work between 10 and 14 hour days as the annual auctions draw closer. Both take their jobs very seriously, and feel a deep obligation to be good neighbors in the community. They were great to work with.

Thanks for looking.

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